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Year 2017 – 13 Big Ideas For Kickstarting

year 2017

Year 2017 – the year of the Rooster! This year’s keywords include: hard work, confidence, talent and courage. How not to get lost in the middle of all this? Here are 13 Big Ideas that will help you on this way. This is no ordinary list. This is the first part of  something for your wholesome you.

1. Practice gratitude

Have you been taking things or loved ones for granted lately? When was the last time you noticed some extraordinary beauty or love in your life? Make this year count by starting to notice the blessings around you.

Start with small things. Do you have a roof over your head, food on your table, clothes to wear? Can you feel the smell of the roses or see smiling faces?

Look back over the past year and recognise the things for which you feel truly grateful: special moments, holidays, delicious meals, deep conversations and fun conversations, love, new discoveries.

Write a list of all the things you are grateful for and keep it up during the whole new year. Start your own gratitude journal.

2. Be courageous

True courage comes from the willingness to experience fully whatever you are feeling at this very moment. You can never run from your emotions. By suppressing, they will keep coming back, stronger and stronger until you give up the chase.year 2017

Turn around and offer yourself completely to the “tiger’s mouth” of your own worst fears, you will discover your openness turning into courage itself.

The willingness to experience your own vulnerability and find the strength in it: that is the true courage, and it’s courage that surrounds you in every moment.

3. Open to blessings

You are literally being showered in blessings every day. They are all around you all the time. It’s up to you to open and receive them, recognise them and use to their fullest.

Know that everything unexpected is a gift where hidden blessings are revealed. You learn something, you discover, you receive.

The blessedness of life requires that we actively look for the signs, the signals, the answers to our deepest prayers in life around us. So, open up your heart to receive the bounty already here.

4. Practice non-attachment

Have you been investing importance in the things of life? Have you become attached to items, symbols, tokens, or even people? Do you believe that something on the outside can give you anything?

It’s time to relax and let go. Know that everything is a loan.

Practice a light relationships with things, for they are the play dough of reality. Offer an open-handed relationship with loved ones. Hold them as you would hold a precious and dedicate bird that’s free to fly and return when it will.

Close your eyes and imagine cutting the energetic cord that attaches things or people to you. Put light at both ends, and send love. Know that the previous attachment was merely an illusory idea. Non-attachment is freedom.

5. Start with self-inquiry

year 2017There is only one question really worth asking. Question as old as humanity that is inviting you to deeper realisations. Who am I?

Find a quiet place and sit in stillness for a few moments or even half an hour. Then ask repeatedly: “Who am I?” Drop all labels and identities, ask that your essence be revealed. “Who am I really?” “Who is it that asks the question?”

Open and fall into the wordless presence from which the question is rising. And just rest in the infinite, as that.

6. Take care of your body

Your body is the barometer to your soul. Be still and tune in to your gut instincts and impulses. Your body’s signals are more sensitive and refined than those of your thinking mind.

Start listening more deeply – the nudges, the inner knowings, those tend to be right. You don’t need to know where those come from, just settle that your body know better than your thinking mind. Your body was there since the beginning of the evolution, the mind you have today, wasn’t.

Undergo a Physical Journey process if you feel the need. Let go of all the suppressed emotions that have caused you problems. Release the old blocks and let your body begin to heal naturally.

7. Liberate your greatness. Believe it.

Often times when life hits us, we tend to forget that deep inside we are all pristine diamonds. Flawless and radiant.

Instead we identify with the layers of emotional baggage that cover our diamond. Have you judged yourself lately? Have you thought you are not good enough? Or have you been labelling others, undervaluing them, not realising that you are overlooking their essential beauty?

Stop the lies and look beyond the surface behaviour to the real truth inside. Know that you are brilliant, priceless and fabulous. We are all diamonds.

8. Learn to accept

Do you find it difficult to accept things the way they are? Are you fighting your current circumstances and wishing for something different? What if everything that has happened by now should have happened? What if you were just to relax?

Accept everything is as it is and let the natural course of action flow freely. When you continue to resist and fight, these exact circumstances will stay.

When you relax and let it be, the next appropriate action is effortlessly revealed. Acceptance leads to wholesome right action.

9. Discover flexibility

Have you become rigid in your thinking, speaking and acting? Have you noticed any old beliefs rising that are limiting you? This is your invitation to stretch with new flexibility. This is the time to loosen up, let go and try a different way.

  • Introduce new words into your vocabulary every day.
  • Use your body like you have never used before – start new kind of exercise, yoga, walking…
  • Challenge your old beliefs – find out the truth. If they have not been serving you, start refreshing those consciously.

10. Choose spaciousness

Awareness is as nature – whole, spacious and free. Have you maybe collapsed into your consciousness, therefore contracting your being?year 2017

If you fall into the story of “me” and “my life”, or get caught in the endless mind-trap of trying to understand everything, you become the very thing you focus on. Stop.

Stop asking why. Stop trying to figure out everything. Stop blaming.

Choose spaciousness instead of tightness. Expand your awareness around you, become free on all sides. Rest in the vast presence, your true essence. Ask: “Who am I? Whose story is this really? What is this drama appearing in?” And let yourself fall into the wordless expanse of your own being.

11. Welcome all your thoughts and let them drift by

Your thinking mind is just a stream of words, sounds and pictures passing through you consciousness. The nature of it all is fear, doubt and judgement. And the only meaning it has is the meaning we invest in it. It is not real.

Have you been entertaining your thoughts lately? Have you fallen into analysis until you are tired of it?

It’s just the way your mind is – there is no problem with that. Resistance is the only difficulty. So welcome all your thoughts, let them come and attach no meaning to them.

Let your thoughts be none of your business and find your presence.

12. Offer

“That which you offer turns to gold. That which you hold back turns into coal.” – Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Have you been withholding yourself? Have you been withdrawn from being fully engaged in life? This is a recipe for pain.

Today, make a decision to be completely involved in everything you do – in everything you offer to life. Whoever you are with, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Offer everything and notice how Grace is operating beautifully through you.

13. Trust and surrender

Stop fighting, both mentally and emotionally. How might be this that you are fighting against a gift? What would it say?

What can you learn from it?

Relax and completely accept the things as they are. Know that there’s Grace in what’s taking place. Trust that everything happens for a reason, and you don’t always need to know the reason. Consciously choose to be grateful.



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