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Is Your Week Planned Consciously? It Helps To Reach Your Goals

Usually we talk about planning in the beginning of the year. New year, new resolutions that are quickly forgotten. Rarely we acknowledge the fact that every new day gives us a change for a new beginning. And for those new beginnings to be successful, learn how to achieve emotional connection to your goals as only this connection determines, whether you will find that dream job, get fit, take time for loved ones… or not…

During this 45-min masterclass you will:

  • Get clarity on what you really want in life, identify your deepest desires and set true emotional goals.
  • Learn how to create a CONSCIOUS plan and achieve more of your goals by getting your consciousness on board.
  • Identify, locate and remove the unconscious blocks that have previously sabotaged your plans.

Be sure to set aside 45 min of private time and we don’t want you to be disturbed. And enjoy!

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