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Are You Uncovering The Correct Memories For Healing?

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Our conscious mind often “thinks” it knows the cause of our emotional and physical problems. But the truth is, if the mind had it all figured out we would already be healed. Using the Physical Journey process, Pat Kendall found the actual root cause of her 20-year pain and it was stored in an entirely different part of her body than she expected. After working on the correct cell memory, she completely cleared her pain and fear that was calling her to WAKE UP.

For 20 years, Pat Kendall had ulcerative colitis, with primary symptoms of abdominal pain and diarrhea mixed with blood. During her hypnotherapist training, she spent more than 200 hours accessing her colon but never discovered the cause.

“I had an idea that it was something to do with fear and anxiety but I just couldn’t find it.”

Her first Physical Journey process was surprising – instead of her colon she was taken to her heart where she discovered a childhood memory which had created fear in her entire life since that time.

What’s even more surprising, on the surface-level, the memory was a pleasant one. But underneath, there was hidden fear. Watch how Pat talks about it herself.

Listening to your inner wisdom rather than your thinking mind

Like Pat, many of us think we know where the problem of our emotional or physical issues lie. But as in Pat’s case, often your thinking mind actually doesn’t know.

The Journey allows you to access something far more powerful than your thinking mind – your inner wisdom.

Learning to listen to your inner wisdom is vital and through The Journey, is effortless. Try this short meditation guided by Brandon Bays and become present to the messages your body is trying to give you.

Join Brandon and people from all walks of life to experience the Journey method yourself. Learn more about it here: thejourneymethod.com/nextstep


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