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How to Truly Forgive and Forget?


People often ask “What’s the big deal, why should I forgive and forget?”. The deal is, your thought patterns directly affect your entire body chemistry.

To start let’s see if you can tell which of the following statements are true and false:

  1. Your thought patterns directly affect your whole body chemistry.
  2. Suppressed negative emotions and trauma are stored as ‘phantom memories’.
  3. Cellular ‘phantom memories’ can cause disease and illness over time.

The truth is they are all true!

Numerous scientists and medical doctors, including Dr Bruce Lipton, Candace B Pert, P.h.D and Deepak Chopra M.D., have extensive studies and verified research confirming the above.

Brandon Bays explains: “Your body is a reflection of your soul and when your soul has something it wants you to learn it gives you a wake up call”, which can manifest as pain anywhere in your body.

So, quite simply you have a choice. You can choose not to listen to your body and carry on lugging past traumas, hurts and issues around with you. Or you can choose to truly forgive.

And, when it comes to forgiveness, there’s no time like the present.

True Forgiveness Process

Try an experiment right now. Think of an issue that you haven’t really come to terms with, something you regret saying, or perhaps some opportunity that has passed you by that you’ve never really forgiven yourself for not taking.
Make it real, some mistake you made, something you blame yourself for, or some memory or aspect of your life that you’ve not forgiven yourself for, and, for now, surround it with a bath of acceptance.

Take your time… Internally, say, I forgive myself. Open into what it really feels like to deeply forgive yourself, and say out loud, I forgive myself.

Now check how you’re feeling. Maybe tears are welling up, because you so needed to hear those words. Maybe you feel a subtle release, a soft letting go into simplicity, into gratitude, into peace.

What was your experience? Did you feel a gentle release or a soft letting go, and experience at least a brief moment of peace? If not, open your being wider and try it again, as these feelings almost always accompany a true expression of forgiveness.

Surprisingly easy wasn’t it? Yet the changes will be far deeper and further reaching than you’ll ever know.

Which just goes to show, true forgiveness doesn’t just come from the heart, it can come from anywhere in your body.

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