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How To Treat Chronic Pain And Get Pain Free?

treat chronic pain

Pat Kendall tried to treat chronic pain and find the root cause of her painful ulcerative colitis using different healing modalities and eventually after 20 years her search brought her to the Journey. In one single Journey process she connected to the cell memory that had put the disease in place and released it completely. From that day she has been pain free in that area of her body.

By Pat Kendall

By 2003 my ulcerative colitis, a painful and sometimes lethal condition of the intestinal lining, had defied all inner and outer healing modalities for 20 years.

The hypnotherapist and I would agree to “go into” the colon to see what was going on there and ask the colon how it could heal.

treat chronic painOr, the EMDR Clinician and I would list and desensitize the traumatic events that may have impacted that area of the body.

But there was only repeatedly a vague anxiety… and no apparent changes occurred.

With the Journey I was guided first to open into the vast Consciousness within – what Brandon Bays calls the Source – and then under the direction of this infinite wisdom, to my great surprise, I went to my heart not my colon! And there was a memory, which surprisingly, would never have made any trauma list before.

“Your days are numbered”

A memory of the 12-year old me spending a beautiful afternoon helping my adored father, in his rose garden. Far beneath the surface, in that moment of oneness between us, my soul knew that he planned to die young.

Unbeknownst to my conscious mind, my loving heart decided, “If he goes early I have to do that too!”

So with every beat of my heart, my body, my being, my gut were getting the message : “Your days are numbered…There’s a sword hanging over your head…You never know when your time will come…”

During my Journey process the cells opened and I poured out the grief and fear, finally separating my destiny from my father’s. Then the infinite wisdom of my Source reprogrammed the heartbeat with much a healthier message inside my body.

And from that day to this I have not had one moment’s pain in that area of the body.

20 fruitless years to treat chronic pain

I would have never tracked down the root cause of the pain using “my mind’s-best-guess-plus-the-therapist’s-best-guess” method. I spent 20 fruitless years trying to do just that!

And the anxiety that prevented me from meditating for 40 – yes, 40 years, magically left!

And my addiction to reading fiction that had kept me out of my life for over half a century quietly disappeared, no fuss, no bother.

Repeatable real life miracles

I know that my Journey clients are experiencing similar – dare I call landscape, nature, oceanthem miracles?

And that these “miracles” are repeatable and confirmed both by science and healing on all levels of being.

I continue to be amazed at the physical, emotional and deep soul healing my clients and I are accessing.
And I am deeply happy, seeing the world through the eyes of the Light.

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Patricia Kendall, Ph.D., LSHC, is a psychotherapist, Accredited Journey Practitioner, and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach.  She has held various administrative positions with The Journey in North America, including as founder and President of the North American Journey Practitioners Association, and editor of Brandon Bays 2012 anthology of healing stories, Living The Journey. 

Pat lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, but her Journey practice extends all over the world.  For over 20 years, she has been facilitating clients in doing deep inner work to let go of the root causes of the pain in their life and clear out blocks to physical and emotional healing.  Pats Life Path CD Series focuses on teaching vital, stress-reducing life skills we never learned in school:  how to feel an emotion healthily; how to change a behavior gently and swiftly; how to recognize and shift unhealthy patterns of thought; and, in her deep meditation CDs, how to move effectively and easily with the current of our life.  She can be reached at patkendall@lifepathconsulting.com .

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