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Why Do I Keep Making The Same Mistakes Over And Over Again?

unhealthy beliefs“I’ve been here already. Not again…” Have you ever made a mistake twice? …or more? Here’s how your deeply rooted unhealthy beliefs keep you in the loop of making the same mistakes over and over again.

We have all at some time, had the experience that our life is totally on track, work is going great, relationships are flourishing, the kids are doing well at school, it looks like a promotion is a real possibility, the sun is shining, the surf is good and we are simply glad to get out of bed in the morning.

Then suddenly from nowhere it’s like a big hatchet falls from the sky, completely deconstructing this perfect, ideal image, leaving you floundering, unsure of where to turn, what actions to take, how to get out of the rut, off the treadmill that has become your life!

Silent saboteurs working against you

The problem is that we are all deeply imprinted by life’s conditioning and have developed silent saboteurs. These silent saboteurs operate unbeknown to us, compromising and undermining us at a cellular level.

For example, we may decide to make some positive changes in our life – to get healthy or fit, to lose weight or to focus on our career and get ahead in financially – and so we make a plan to ‘shift’, to make a fundamental change in our behaviours and our lives. And for a while, a week, a month, maybe longer, we stick to the plan.

But sooner or later our silent saboteurs get the better of us, and for no understandable reason we fall back into our old unsupportive habits of eating the sweet or rich foods that cause us to be overweight,

…of switching on the television or mindlessly browsing the internet rather than working out at the gym,

…or of getting drawn back into the drama, the politics and the ‘blame-someone-else’ for the things that go wrong in work rather than opening to our creativity and genuinely being part of the solution to the inevitable challenges that life brings our way.

Your saboteurs are fueled by your unhealthy beliefs

The unhealthy beliefs – about our potential, our abilities or our station in life, for example – we inherited from friends, family and our culture.

The old and unsupportive promises and vows we made to ourselves or others, the compromising or self-punishing rules that we ‘bought into’ from childhood, and a host of other limiting conditioning give fuel to our silent saboteurs, and cause us to put a ‘lampshade’ over our light, our talents.unhealthy beliefs

Start noticing YOUR inner saboteurs! When you wish for a promotion, might you accidentally think that you are not good enough? When you want to talk to the person whom you admire, might you think that you are not worthy enough?

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