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How To Stop Judging Yourself And Be Less Paranoid?

judgingDo you have a mind that just won’t shut up? Is there a voice, an internal dialogue that is constantly narrating your life, judging, criticizing, and never giving you a break? Or perhaps your mind makes you feel paranoid all the time? Read this blog post to find a solution to end this constant mind talk.

How can I stop my constant mind talk, which endlessly judges my actions, my life, myself?

Your mind is driven by fear, doubt and judgment and its job is to keep you safe!

And rather than befriending your mind, you judge it, fight it and push it away, wishing it would just stop! And so it becomes stronger, as you know ‘that which we resist, persists!’

If you have a strong and persistent mind then take some time, sit in a quiet place, breathe deeply, close your eyes and invite your mind to come flooding, welcome all thoughts however random seeming.

Really open and allow every thought that ever existed to be here right now. Then notice what happens…

You may also want to thank your mind for the wonderful job it has been doing in keeping you safe and protected and let it know it is allowed to rest now.

I’m having a really hard time trusting people; I constantly feel paranoid. How can I learn to trust?

As children many of us experienced situations, often trivial seeming, which set up a pattern of behavior in later life, and we don’t even remember what the experience, trauma or shutdown was. The emotional journey helps.

Imagine yourself at a campfire, invite a younger you who may have had an experience that caused him/her not to trust and invite a mentor in whose divine wisdom you trust and in whose presence you feel safe.judging - campfire

Now invite any and all memories of the past where you felt mistrust (even if you don’t really remember, just allow the sense of these experiences to be here).

Put all these memories up on a big screen and let the screen go blank.

Then invite any people who may have played a part in these past memories/ experiences.

Choose one person to represent the whole group and really empty out how you felt in that situation, what were you feeling, how did it really make you feel? Let the other person reply from their soul level.

Continue emptying out until you feel complete and forgiveness can happen effortlessly and all those present can merge into the light of truth.

Then ask the mentor to suggest some balloon resources which would help you to deal with similar situations more healthily in the future: Trust, Safety, Communication etc.

Now let the younger you breath in all these balloons. Let the younger you step up onto the screen and replay the previous memories only this time from the point of view of having access to all these resources and the wisdom you now have. See and feel how the experience is different.

Step down from the screen and receive any final words of wisdom from your mentor. 

If you want to go even deeper with your healing, be sure to learn more about the Journey method here →

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