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Meet The Man Who Inspired The Journeywork

If you have ever wondered about roots of The Journey and the background of Brandon Bays, you will want to meet this man. He was Brandon’s most beloved teacher and one of the greatest inspirations of her life.

His core teaching was that the Self is already enlightened and free, which is the foundation of the Journey work. The Journey process peels away the layers of story upon story and shows us experientially the freedom and the enlightenment is already there within each of us.

Meet the man who is the main reason why Brandon takes a group of Journey practitioners on a very special pilgrimage to India every other year. Enjoy the movie of Papaji.

Download the Audio Sessions from the Journey book to listen more of Brandon’s story.

Stop and simply ask from yourself “Who am I? Who am I?” and you will see that you are already free. You can use this as a mantra, repeating “I am, I am, I am…” for half an hour. Then let everything rise whatever you feel is rising – there is your answer. You are whole. You are free.

Thank you, Papaji!

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