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How To Make Modern Relationships Last?

modern relationships

Think of a couple who have managed to stay together for tens of years in a lasting fulfilling marriage full of love. Weary elderly holding hands walking through the park, yet still having that spark after so many years? In modern relationships, this is often merely a dream, an unachievable ideal as relationships don’t appear to last anymore. Why have relations become so difficult? How can hold our relationships together? How can we stop getting repeatedly hurt?

Get prepared for real-life relationships

All of us have been brought up by someone. All of us have been exposed to an environment full of relationships. This is where we have learnt what´s good, what`s bad. This is where we have created our dream relationship and our dream partner. We have an ideal of how everything should be but remember so do our partners. And often those expectations don´t match.

And often, partners are unaware of the other’s expectations, and boom, there’s a clash. Of course, you can never be prepared for everything but often in these cases we fall into denial, start defending ourselves and get hurt. The same is happening with our partners. Acknowledging the fact that we all come into relationships with different backgrounds can smoothen even the worst arguments. Letting go of your expectations and living in the moments will bring harmony and true love into your relationships.

Make your relationship last by dropping your “story”

We all wish for that ideal romantic relationship where we wake up every day next to the one we love the most, and spend quality time with them and are taken care of… This is not something you can do or create, in fact it requires freedom. Freedom from your own expectations that create hurt in your relationship. Freedom from the limitations that you built long before the relationship even started.

In the following video Kevin guides you through a small Journey process to explore your story. It’s a simple, yet effective way to see what has been your book of love so far and what your story should actually be. Go through the process and make your relationship more open, free and lasting.


Join Brandon and people from all walks of life online to explore your own story even deeper. Learn more about it here: thejourneymethod.com/nextstep


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