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Are You Making Decisions You Can Be Proud Of?

making decisions

We have more possibilities around us than ever before. We have more options for a good read, for a great workplace, for an astonishing living place, for relaxation… But we face a problem – will we make the right decision when choosing between all? This blog post will end your doubt once and for all.

If decision-making is taking your peace of mind, then the first thing is to STOP.

Welcome your doubting mind and listen to your body

Take a moment, breathe deeply and really welcome your doubting mind.

Thank it for all the ways it has been doing its job and keeping you safe. Let your mind know it can rest now and can take a break.

Now pay attention to your body and speak aloud the decision you need to make, notice how your body responds: is it feeling open and relaxed or do you notice some contraction or resistance in your body.

Always listen to your body – it never lies.

Let go of control that limits you

Feeling a need to control everything can stop you making a good decision.

You don’t always know all the aspects, all the facts before making a decision. Often there’s a lot unknown and what we then do? We postpone making the decision, we start doubting again…making decisions

One thing you need to know – that which we resist persists! Rather than trying to stop, ask yourself:

  • What if I could never control anything or anyone?
  • How would that make me feel?
  • What if I had to let myself be completely out of control?
  • How would I really feel?

Now use this as your starting point for a Journey Process.

If you are new to the Journey, then know that the Coming Home online community might be of great help to you. You can learn more about it here (click). And we urge you to try, experience and make your decision only then 🙂

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