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Lifting 5 Years of Depression with 3 Journey Processes

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When Joanie McMahon’s husband of 19 years died she fell into a deep depression and seemingly never-ending suicidal thoughts. Life sent wake-up calls for Joanie and after experiencing three Journey processes she gave up her medications lifting 5 years of depression. 

By Joanie McMahon

In 1997, my husband of 19 years, Russell, died of cancer after 4 long years of living with it. It had taken a tremendous toll of time and energy to keep him in physical form that long.

We have two beautiful children and the two of us were happy. Russell so wanted to stay around longer in physical form and yet his body was riddled with cancer. He was so weak.

He died September 9th, it was a Sunday and a beautiful fall day…his favorite season and favorite day of the week. After his death, I was exhausted, worn out from all of the effort and worrying that I had engaged in. I was vulnerable and completely disoriented. It actually had never occurred to me that he would die.

Fighting with never-ending suicidal thoughts

Within a very short period of time I was catapulted into a deep depression that I could not shake. I was a trained counselor and psychologist at the time and was drawn to another counselor for help. I saw this counselor weekly for over 4 years.

She like I had no idea why the depression would not lift. I looked for help everywhere. I knew something was wrong but didn’t know what was keeping the depression hanging on.

One time, when I was constantly in bed, trying to drown out the never-ending suicidal thoughts, I began to pray for help or relief in the form of death from the way I was thinking and feeling.

The Journey method for healingGlobal Gathering

It felt like “a time from hell”…and as it often happens, in the asking for help we are led to healing…someone recommended Brandon Bays book, The Journey to me…as soon as I read it, I knew that this would help me.

I immediately found someone in my home town who was accredited in this work…she had time to see me immediately, and in this first session, I felt the depression lift.

And three sessions later I was able to let go of my medication.

After the first session, I looked at the practitioner and said, “this is amazing”, I felt the trauma of this time leave my body.

If I can clear a memory that is in the womb then there is so much hope for the healing of the entire planet.

I was working with troubled teens at that time and I began to do Journey work with each one who came into my office with the similar amazing results.

Since this time, I have stayed faithful to this work on a regular basis for myself and I keep clearing more and more as things come up.

It is the most empowering set of skills I know and I share it whenever I can.

Join Brandon and people from all walks of life online to experience the Journey method yourself. Maybe THIS is your wake-up call? Learn more about it here: thejourneymethod.com/nextstep


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