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Real-Life Stories: Letting Go Of Past Hurts And Creating Your Dream Life

Two men Otto Gonzalez (49) and Luke James (25) share their incredible stories of letting go of their limiting beliefs and blocks to allow true abundance into their lives.

“I was stuck, unhappy with my career, life in general and craved drastic change. I felt dissatisfied with the way things were so one day I decided to pack it all in and try living elsewhere,” describes Otto of his decision to move to a new country.

“I thought that by doing this I’d feel engaged and present and finally reverse the negativity and unhappiness that had been daily my existence. Lots of frustration, repressed anger, lack of motivation and love had coexisted back in those days,” he reflects.

In May 2013 he moved to a new country and everything was new, exciting, and finally he felt happiness. He quickly found a job with a decent salary and thought that this is what he was longing for. Little did he know he would be proved wrong.

Desperation and fear kicked in

“After some months the old feelings reappeared and nothing seemed to change these feeling,” He was stuck once again so started to look beneath the surface and asked the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Is this it? How can I break the cycle of making the same mistakes over and over? His journey of self-exploration had begun.

“Little by little the anxiety and despair started to take hold, I was terrified, I wanted to disappear, simply vanish and never come back,” he says. “Despite all of this, here I was, still breathing, still living or pretending to live another day,” Otto says. This was the breakthrough moment for him and he decided to put an end to all the drama he had created over time.

“At that moment answers started coming to me in odd ways, the universe had a plan and I started at first blindly, just by intuition, walking in the direction of freedom,” he remembers one evening, sitting at home while he received a message from a friend to go to a Journey seminar. Instantly he felt the pull to sign up.

“I’ll never be able to thank this very special messenger friend enough. That day in October, I walked into a room full of doubts, questions but with lots of hope. I was soon to discover that life had many surprises waiting for me, right there, in that room,” Otto says.

Little by little the anxiety and despair started to take hold, I was terrified, I wanted to disappear, simply vanish and never come back,

A way to real freedom

After the Conscious Abundance seminar Otto was able to replace his old unhealthy and limiting beliefs with new supportive ones that resonated with his core, his real essence. “I felt a crack, something had broken inside and released the chains of my past experiences. The past started to become the past and the sadness, the despair, the tears, the fear, the loneliness started dissipating and there it was, an immense feeling of love invading me! Many tears erupted during those days, washing me clean and making room for a new feeling of love, acceptance and comfort,” he describes of his experience.

Journey processes helped him to dig deep to uncover and clear all his old beliefs that were creations born of fear and anger. “I came to terms with them and discovered after processing them that it was all a lie, that the truth had always been there. I had refused to see it, told myself that “self love” didn’t exist and saw it as something negative, when in fact, it is the way to real freedom,” Otto says.

“After doing the Conscious Abundance Retreat I can say in complete confidence and peace that The Journey has been my path to self expression and freedom,” he says.

Incredible emotional release

Similarly to Otto, Luke James went through huge shifts after attending the Conscious Abundance seminar. “I came home from the seminar, and the minute I walked through my front door, I spontaneously fell into some of the most intense emotions I’d ever felt. I was on the floor, unable to stand up. I had to crawl to the bathroom because I was literally throwing up,” he  describes how all his suppressed emotions were coming rapidly to the surface.

He used the Journey tools to get himself through these emotions with a surprising outcome. “What I faced was the fear of death, desolation, and loss of everything. What changed was my fear of loss left. The amount of energy that was freed up in my body was incredible. I was no longer using the fear of “what if?” to control my life, and it felt amazing,” he speaks enthusiastically about his experience.

I came home from the seminar, and the minute I walked through my front door, I spontaneously fell into some of the most intense emotions I’d ever felt.

And it was more than emotional release that took place as magic started to happen. “A few weeks after the seminar, I was given a promotion at work, and a further three over the following months before leaving to start my own business,” Luke says and invites anyone who doubts his transformation to attend Conscious Abundance seminar.

“This seminar is for fierce seekers of Truth. It’s for people who are ready to let go of the lies, and not be BSed with the typical airy fairy, “sit and wait for good things to happen to you”, new age advice that is out there,” he says.

Happiness and abundance is your birth-right

All of us have silent saboteurs stored inside that shut us down just when our potential is beginning to flourish. When your enthusiasm is at its highest somehow you ‘hit the wall’. It’s as if one part of you is saying, “You can do this… you can lose weight this year, eat foods that ‘cleanse and don’t clog’, work out regularly”, and another deeper part of you is putting out the silent impulse, “No way… it’s not going to happen. Why even bother, you know you won’t stick to it”. It’s as if we have two simultaneous but opposite messages/intentions going out to Life, and they end up cancelling each other out.

A part of you may desire a relationship with a true soul mate, but on a subterranean level another part of you is saying, “I’m not good enough, smart enough, successful enough, attractive enough to attract that special someone”. Or perhaps you really want better health, a dream job or a bigger income when a deeper voice is saying, “No way. It’s all too much. That’s for others, but not me”. It’s like we have one foot on the gas pedal and one on the brake, and our life goes into permanent ‘stall’ mode.

These limiting beliefs are connected to deeply held ‘cell memories’ and the good news is, with The Journey® it is possible to completely uproot and clear these disempowering beliefs and limiting blocks so you can open up to genuine healing, true abundance and fulfillment in your life. Conscious Abundance offers a unique insight into how you’ve been blocking your abundance, and how to let it flow naturally, effortlessly again. If you want more from life, in your career, relationships and family life, Conscious Abundance will show you the way.


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