Emotional and physical healing to set yourself free

Is Your Past Making You Sick?

Journey method

Journey work enables you to access your suppressed emotions and facilitate your body to heal. Have you ever considered that your past can cause your current illnesses?

This is the principle of The Journey, pioneered by world-known mind-body healer Brandon Bays.

People from all walks of life have attended Journey workshops and uncovered the root cause of their chronic fatigue, cancer, arthritis, back pain, emotional issues, depression and so much more.

In 1992, Brandon was diagnosed with a basketball sized tumour and persuaded her doctor to give her a month to heal herself before having the surgery that was recommended. Brandon ‘knew’ a lot about health, was living healthily day to day and wanted the chance to heal naturally. 6 weeks later her tumor had disappeared and as a direct result of this, the Journey Method was born.

Healing pain using the Journey

The Journey is a method to access unresolved memories from your past, freeing your body to do what it knows best, to heal itself.

“Emotional memories are stored in the cells of your body, and get passed from generation to generation,” says Brandon. “Once you learn what the disease has to teach you and manage to let go of the emotional issues stored in your cells, your body will go about the process of healing itself naturally.”

The Journey has two distinct processes:

  1. The emotional journey where you pass through the emotional layers to the core of your being – freedom, vastness, peace…the essence of who you really are
  2. The physical journey where through guided visualisation you uncover memories stored in different areas of your body.

It’s not about uncovering memories so we can use them to justify our current behaviour, or as a weapon to blame those we love,” says Brandon. “It’s about resolving our issues, healing from the pain and forgiving those we love, so we can get on with our lives free from the emotional baggage of the past.

Getting started on your Journey

The first step is to accept your emotions. Whatever you are feeling, resist the temptation to suppress it. Welcome all the emotions be it anger, frustration, sadness… When you avoid your feelings, it’s only a temporary fix, and inevitably they come back, and stronger.

When you allow yourself to really feel your emotions, you will often naturally drop through various emotions until you are once more feeling a more positive wholesome emotion – the truth inside you.

Guided by a Journey practitioner or a friend reading the script from the Journey book – you can experience each emotion, passing from one to the next. Emotions can be tricky, and perhaps your anger is a cover for rage or hurt which may cover abandonment and so on.

It’s about feeling the emotion long enough to taste it and drop through to the next level,” says Brandon.

As you experience different emotions, specific memories may arise until you reach what Brandon calls Source, a peaceful feeling, like love, vastness, awareness…You can then let these positive emotions wash through each emotional layer.

The younger you then gets a chance to speak with key people involved in your memory and come to a place of completion and forgiveness.

Having a physical issue?

The next stage of your process is the physical journey. Using guided visualisation,  your “inner wisdom” will guide you to any area in your body where an issue that needs healing is stored.  

The rest of the process is similar to the emotional journey where you get to empty out any stored pain, come to completion and forgive. Brandon has witnessed over the past 25 years that when people truly forgive events from their past, then the body can heal.

Future use

The Journey is currently used in prisons, addict centres, schools and by governments, in fact by anyone in all walks of life

“Only 10% of people come because of an illness,” says Brandon of the weekend workshops,. “The other 90% simply know they have issues and prefer to act now rather than wait for their ‘wake-up call’.”

Journey method is effectively used to uncover the blocks and beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your dreams. To experience it from the comfort of your own home, click here →

Worldwide, over 200,000 people have attended workshops and Jayney Goddard, president of the Complementary Medical Association, believes it’s healing properties to be far beyond a ‘placebo’ effect.

Brandon has pioneered a method in the growing area of mind-body medicine which is known as psychoneuroimmunology, a science that looks at the interaction between the mind and immune system, and has maximised people’s ability to apply it to their lives,” says Jayney.

Whatever your views of the Journey, you cannot deny that travelling around your own body in a magical vechicle sounds fun.

The Journey helped me beat arthritis

Marion Gardner, a homeopath from Scotland, used Journey work to find relief from her arthritic shoulder

“A riding accident 10 years ago left me with a fractured shoulder. It healed well but 5 years later arthritis set in and gradually I lost mobility in my shoulder joint – I couldn’t even lift my arms above my head.

While I was waiting to see if I’d need a shoulder replacement, I read about the Journey and thought it might help. So I went on the Journey Intensive weekend course.

I assumed I’d go into my shoulder joint during my physical journey, but instead went to my diaphragm. The memory I uncovered was a joyful occasion flying kites with my grandfather just before he died 20 years ago. It made me realise that I’d shut laughter out of my life since he passed away.

3 days later, I could touch my hands above my head and behind my back. And I didn’t need a shoulder replacement.

I’ve since trained as a Journey Practitioner and use it alongside homeopathy with my clients.”


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