Emotional and physical healing to set yourself free

Investigating the Journey Method – will it work for you?

journey method

Brandon Bays’ Journey Method is a simple, yet effective way for everyone to resolve their issues, both emotional and physical. 100 000+ people around the world have experienced the Journey process and healed. The South African investigative journalism television series “Carte Blanche” highlighted on primetime TV how the Journey method works and how it can help you.

The Journey method was founded by mind-body healing expert Brandon Bays who created this natural healing method from her own direct experience of healing from a basketball sized tumour. Guided by Dr Deepak Chopra’s teachings, Brandon discovered a unique way to heal issues by accessing cell memories,  releasing suppressed emotions and coming to a place of forgiveness, wholeness and healing.

The ability to fully feel your emotions can improve your health, and conversely unresolved emotional traumas can create the majority of health issues. Without a question, emotions need to be dealt with.

Discover from “Carte Blanche” how the Journey method can help you.

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