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Who Else Wants To Inspire Thousands Of Other People?


Inspired by The Journey, Samantha Edouardes launched “A Thousand Grandparents”, a website full of healing stories to inspire children and young people…and, well, you. Read here how Samantha got inspiration and help from the Journey.

By Samantha Koshare Edouardes

“From my first amazing experience of the Journey I couldn’t stop talking about it. I suddenly had the tools I needed to drop my own story of suffering and let go to the great healing story, the story we all share.

In my excitement I told everyone I experienced The Journey and tried to ‘convert’ and persuade them onto the practitioner training. I bought Brandon’s book for many people in the hope it would nudge – shove – them towards the door of freedom and happiness.

The truth is, I was too pushy, preachy and intense about it all.

My path became clearer when a Native American Indian Chief asked from me, “How are you going to take all the wonderful healing you’ve experienced and share it with people on a global scale in your own unique way?”

I found the answer on a vision quest – entertainment, the perfect way to reach a mass audience in a safe, non-threatening and joyous way. And so my foundation (soon to be a charity) Delight Makers was born, with a mission to bring enlightenment through joy, celebration and participation in beautiful projects… no preaching required.

A Thousand Grandparents

The first Delight Makers project was created for young people and children – A Thousand Grandparents. I discovered the project within a simple question: “What gift would you give to the orphans of the world, not just those orphaned by actual physical loss, but also those orphaned culturally, emotionally, spiritually?

The answer came from my dearest childhood memories, of loving moments shared with my grandparents telling stories by the fireside. How about giving a voice to a thousand grandparents, all different, some intense, some playful, and all with different experiences and wisdom to share and stories to tell?

A Thousand Grandparents is now about sharing the gift of presence, truth and intimacy of spirit for the world’s children.

The Journey wasn’t just at the birth of this project but has also helped in its growth – through Brandon’s and Kevin’s involvement, generosity, and inspirational-healing storytelling that they are using both in online and offline Journeywork. It has given me the confidence to ask more people I consider world leaders to become part of the project. I am so grateful to them both for taking part and for their generosity of spirit.

Stories teach

Brandon shared two beautifully adapted stories from the Journey training on the Delight Makers website and Kevin narrated the process from the Journey for Kids and shared a wonderful process for fear transformation. The stories are a gift of love and a gift of highest consciousness. They are priceless and I am so grateful.

It is no ordinary storytelling project. The storytellers are asked to consider the following question: “If you had only one story that you could tell to your children, grandchildren and children of the world; what would it be, the story with the power to make a difference?

The subject matter has one condition and that is that it must not impose belief but instead open the mind and heart; encouraging curiosity, excitement, peace and wonder.

We now invite you to be part of this co-creation and join us as Delight Makers. We need support to make this happen and we are open to receiving help in all forms. This project needs spiritual warriors, great storytellers, entertainers, wisdom keepers and elders, from all cultures who are willing to share a story for the project.”

For more information, please visit www.delightmakers.com/bts/a-thousand-grandparents/

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