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How to Start Off 2016

Have you ever written down New Year`s resolutions with a clear intention that this year you will stick to them, but end up shoving them into a drawer only to discover them a year later when you decided to have ‘clear-out’?

Perhaps some of your New Year`s resolutions actually manifested but the vast majority did not. Have you ever wondered why your exciting vision or prayers fell into obscurity even though you felt so passionate, so committed when you wrote them?

It’s because all of us have silent saboteurs stored inside that shut us down just when our potential is beginning to flourish. When your enthusiasm is at its highest somehow you ‘hit the wall’. It’s as if one part of you is saying, “You can do this… you can lose weight this year, eat foods that ‘cleanse and don’t clog’, work out regularly”, and another deeper part of you is putting out the silent impulse, “No way… it’s not going to happen. Why even bother, you know you won’t stick to it”.

It’s as if we have two simultaneous but opposite messages/intentions going out to Life, and they end up cancelling each other out. A part of you may desire a relationship with a true soul mate, but on a subterranean level another part of you is saying, “I’m not good enough, smart enough, successful enough, attractive enough to attract that special someone”.

Or perhaps you really want better health, a dream job or a bigger income when a deeper voice is saying, “No way. It’s all too much. That’s for others, but not me”. It’s like we have one foot on the gas pedal and one on the brake, and our life goes into a permanent ‘stall’ mode.

New Year`s resolutions

Clear your limiting beliefs

These limiting beliefs are connected to deeply held ‘cell memories’ and the good news is, with The Journey® it is possible to completely uproot and clear these destructive beliefs and limiting blocks so you can open up to genuine healing, true abundance and fulfillment in your life.

Try this: take 15 minutes and write down your highest vision for the up-coming year. If everything were possible, what are your deepest, most secret prayers, your dreams for yourself? Just let it all flow uncensored onto a page.

Now ask yourself, “What are my true beliefs about my ability to manifest these goals? Do I honestly believe I deserve them? If I am nakedly truthful with myself do I feel I have earned them, can earn them?”

If you are genuinely open you will probably unearth some limiting beliefs – ones you may not have been aware were lurking there, silently sabotaging your best efforts. Such beliefs are connected to ‘cell memories’ lodged in your body, and together they create a barrier in consciousness that prevents you from opening to your full potential and allowing healthy abundance to flow into your life.

The Journey® is ground-breaking, life transforming process work which enables you to get to the root cause of these blocks and clear them completely. It is practical, deep, step-by-step work that gets lasting results: physically, emotionally spiritually. It is liberating work that can awaken you to your own deepest potential, allowing you to uncover your true greatness, freeing you to live fully expressed as your authentic self.

And it is work that can create radical healing at a cellular level. Perhaps this year it’s time to decide to invest in YOU – to free yourself and truly heal your life. Maybe this year it’s time to get real, clear your baggage, discover your own authentic greatness – and welcome abundance into your life.

Maybe it’s time to let 2016 be a New Year for a New You!

Please write to the comments box what is your intention for 2016.

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    My best dream for 2016

    Yes, I have a great dream in next year. I would like complete practitioner programme. I have started my program in october 2014 with the journey intensive in Italy. It was been the most beautiful thing that I had in may life. I am not exagering, it is true. Journey is trasforming my life. In 2015 I partecipated at advanced skills and manifest abundance retreat in Tuscany. Fantastic!!!!
    Perhaps there are some blocks that sabotage me now and I don’t know if I must complete the programme. The 3 events in a year are expensive and I need many days work off.
    Today this e-mail arrive from the journey team. is it an answer from the universe?

    I wish fantastic new year to all the journey team!!!!

    Love Gemma

    (Sorry for may bad English)

    My goals

    By Amanda Cassidy | December 31, 2015 at 11:02 am

    I want to pay off my debt so that I am free of its burden and stress.
    I to be at peace with my self.


    My New Year’s commitment is to succeed as a writer on a big scale, to find an Australian publisher and to become well known in Australia as a writer.
    To succeed as a musician singer and harpist.
    To move to Australia and find my dream house.

    My intention for 2016

    To let go and trust my body, my feelings, needs and desires, to accept myself and to stop pushing away what I don’t want to experience.

    My intrntions for 2016

    By wJunie Briscoe | January 3, 2016 at 8:48 am

    Is to make everyone who meets me leave with a smile on their faces and to be grateful for everything I have.

    2016, a better year

    By Mariana Zamfir | January 3, 2016 at 10:58 am

    I want to manifest the real me, the complete me. Thank you for your precious help. I really need it. I wish you all a wonderful new year.

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