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How to Manage Stress And Get Your Problems Solved More Easily?

Are you facing problems that you can’t solve? Sitting for days with the same issue and still don’t know what to do. Already feeling your stress-levels rising. You need to stop putting so much effort into it, connect with your internal wisdom and simply be. Learn how to manage stress and experience a short meditation with Brandon.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying: “Morning is wiser than the evening.” And one day you woke up knowing exactly what you needed to do and wondered why you hadn’t thought of the solution earlier. The reason is simple, your mind got in the way and prevented your inner wisdom from doing its job.

As children, we are taught: “Try and do your best.” And what do we do? We TRY our best. We focus so much on trying that we start to struggle. And we continue this into adulthood as we think it’s the right thing to do and then we feel guilty if we take any time to relax.

Have you ever tried desperately to remember someone’s name but couldn´t? And the moment you stopped thinking about it, you remembered it…

Under Stress, Our Bodies Shut Down

Our biological bodies have two nervous systems: sympathetic and parasympathetic. 90% of the time we should be running our parasympathetic system as this is the place of relaxation and resting.

Today’s world has created the situation where our sympathetic system is operating most of the time. This creates shutdown, stress and a constant fight or flight scenario. Now we need to learn how to manage stress!

The simplest technique to return yourself to the parasympathetic system is to start breathing deeply, relaxing.

The Key to Solving Problems is Relaxation

If when we were young, we were told that we are good enough, that we have great potential and to let it shine, and that all we had to do was relax and be open… we would be very different as adults. As with the parasympathetic nervous system, the key to solving our issues using our innate inner wisdom lies in one very simple thing – effortless being, relaxation.

The moment you stop fighting and struggling, the very nature of effortless ease presents itself. And it already knows how to take care of every aspect of your life. You simply need to soften your mind and let all thoughts drift away. Finding true answers requires us to give up the belief that our minds are in control and know everything. Let go…By doing this you let the universe see that you trust it can handle everything.

Albert Einstein used the same method to access his true genius. He would close his eyes and become still. And something inside him gave the rise to the genius and creativity. His only job was to close his eyes and effortlessly fall in.

Meditation for Effortless Being to Manage Stress

To understand what effortless being feels like, here is a short 20-min meditation with Brandon where she guides you to relax and feel the difference between effortless being and struggle.

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