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How to Make Conscious Choices Every Day And Just Be Happier?

Ultimately there is only one question worth asking: How do I want to live my life, from a place of fear – or from boundless love?

Creating a sustainable lifestyle lived from love, is a lifelong commitment worth making. Making conscious choices every day takes very little effort and yet gives you great joy. There is a way each of us can walk more softly on this planet, using our resources more wisely and having more compassion.

This article includes ideas and tips for making clear conscious choices in your life.

by Brandon Bays

Making a Difference

Perhaps you have heard that before you can truly love others, you must first learn to love yourself? This is so true!
If you wish to make a difference in this world, to positively contribute to the Earth and leave a lasting impression on people then you need to first realise your purpose for being. Before you can actively influence others, you must first be willing to practice what you preach, to walk the talk and live life fully from the knowledge of who you are and why you are here. We all have our parts to play and true change comes from within, from our heart.

By starting with ourselves first, our growth, our external experiences, our actions will be a practical extension of our inner life. By practicing what we preach, it becomes natural to feel compassion and understanding for our loved ones struggle.

When we begin to expect the same or better from ourselves than we expect from others, generosity, forgiveness, and grace will arise effortlessly. Compassion for your global family and your environment becomes easy. Imagine how it will influence your experience at work, at home, your friendships, your acquaintances. As we impact others in a positive way and make a difference, we feel fulfilled.

When we consciously choose organic, poison-free, locally grown produce, not only are we making an effort on behalf of our bodies, we are giving back to life. When we start consciously considering the consequences of our actions and how they affect everyone around us, we begin to appreciate and realize just how much we would like others to make the same conscious choices.

Make your own conscious choices

Here are some simple steps to take to create conscious, vibrant bodies and a healthy home environment.

1. Purify Air

There is something so invigorating when you breathe natural countryside air and a pureness and simplicity to the unpolluted, chemical-free salty ocean breeze. Try using an ionizing air purifier – one that emits negative ions – as the negative charge will make you feel that same freshness you feel when you stand by the sea or walk in nature.

Electronic devices and chemical pollutants positively charge most of our homes. This positive ionization creates a drained and heavy feeling in us all. When the air is negatively ionised, it purifies your home, creates an enlivening energy and the air feels fresh and pure. I even take a small unit on tour to clear the air and the energies in the hotel rooms.

2. Purify Water

Of course the water I drink is purified. I have a reverse osmosis system in my home as it removes everything, including bacteria, parasites and heavy metals from the water. So I drink loads (and take minerals made from healthy plant-based substances) to keep my organs flushed clear and purified.

3. Invest In A Healthy Bed

You can buy non-toxic paint for your walls, hypoallergenic covers for your mattress and pillows, and even hypoallergenic carpets – check it out – look closely at the labels to see exactly what you’re getting. Make sure you invest in a healthy, supportive bed – you spend 1/3 of your life in one – and buy natural cotton bed linen. A good night’s sleep is essential for health.

I have a Tempur-Pedic© mattress – it’s made from memory foam, a type used by astronauts in space because bacteria can’t survive on it. I can also recommend a pillow-top mattress, which both “gives” and supports, allowing your body to fully relax while sleeping.

Conscious choice of food - choose the local food

4. Choose Locally Grown Food

When it comes to food, I buy organic locally grown because it supports the local community, and it means the food isn’t flown in from thousands of miles away, having been chemically treated to preserve it, rendering the produce life-less, devoid of nutrients and precious life-force. It wastes unnecessary energy and creates huge carbon emissions in the process.

Of course, wherever possible, organic is always, always best. The toxicity from chemical fertilizers gets stored in our organs and the amounts can be shocking!

Did you know that you ingest up to 78 different poisons with every cup of non-organic coffee you drink? Imagine the toxic build up in your organs over the years from just one cup of coffee everyday. So whenever feasible, get organically grown coffee, and if it’s decaffeinated then make sure it’s decaffeinated using a water process, which is toxin free.

5. Buy Fair Trade

As far as possible buy produce labelled “Fair Trade”, so that the workers harvesting your food are paid fair living wages for their work. Look for the fair trade label on everything you buy, even clothing. When shopping, take a close look; you will see that some clothing labels have “Fair Trade” on them. Choose the ones that give a fair deal to cotton producers and factory production line workers in other countries.

I tend to shop where the products are fair trade and made from mostly natural materials, and where the store itself is making inroads in creating a more carbon-neutral environment. It makes me feel good to know that what I am wearing created healthy living wages for another human being, and that when I support an environmentally conscious store; I’m helping to preserve our planet as well.

6. Choose Natural Clothing

Choose cotton silk, rayon and hemp fabrics. They feel healthier, breathe better and are longer lasting than most synthetic materials. And the good news is it doesn’t always mean you pay more – it just means you’re more conscious of what you buy, where you buy it, and why.

7. Use Natural Cleaning Products

When it comes to the health of you, your family and your home environment, stay as natural as possible. Choose natural, non-allergenic non-toxic detergents for clothes, general cleaning and washing up – they are good for both the environment and health.

8. Use Natural Cosmetics, Soaps And Creams

Conscious choice of cosmetics - use natural ones

Many so-called natural creams contain carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals). Try to avoid these ingredients and use creams and lotions that are sulphate and paraben free, ideally made solely from plant derivatives.

It’s still shocks me that for the sake of our beauty products, animals are still being cruelly treated for testing purposes. By opting for plant-based beauty products you are registering your objection to this inhumane practice. Often genuinely natural products will cost a bit more, but as I use them sparingly usually they last longer and they feel truly nourishing, like food for the skin.

Many cosmetic companies label their products “Natural” and “Organic” when in actually they contain only one or two natural ingredient. So be vigilant and read the labels carefully. Some good brands include Dr Hauschka, Stella McCartney, Miessence, Living Nature, and Zia – these manufacturers are fully committed to 100% organic products. So each day, instead of putting poison into your body (as creams get absorbed into your bloodstream) you’re actually adding goodness.

Use a natural deodorant that is aluminium free (aluminium is highly toxic). I use a mineral salt crystal that bacteria can’t thrive on which, is natural, highly effective and available from most chemists and larger supermarkets.

9. Eat Alkaline Food
Know what you eat - choose consciously

When it comes to food in general, I recommend a largely alkaline diet, as it is believed that cancer is unable to survive in an alkaline (non-acidic) environment. So eat lots of fresh fruits and leafy greens, vegetables, fresh squeezed vegetable juices and protein from natural, organic sources, and drink plenty of filtered water.

Wheat, dairy, cheese, meat, processed foods, starchy foods and refined sugars tend to create an acidic environment, so choose to eat consciously. Ask yourself when eating is this acid forming or alkaline? It’s better to eat live, high water-content foods that cleanse not clog.

10. Detoxify Your Body

Most people have up to 30 pounds of undigested protein coating their colon by the time the body dies. 30lbs! It’s like having a heavy rubber inner tube lining your colon. So many nutrients that what we eat don’t even get into our bloodstream because they can’t get through the clogged walls of our digestive system.

Once a year I go on a highly purifying, weeklong detox cleanse. It starts with two days of purely raw food followed by a five-day vegetable juice fast, and at the end, one day of raw food to get the body moving again.

When cleansing, the protein lining of the colon will soften and the toxins will begin flushing away.

During this cleanse I have a massage every other day; I take cleansing herbs for my internal organs, colon and blood, probiotics, food enzymes and supportive mineral supplements. Each day I do yoga, a cardio activity such as walking or swimming, chanting, Satsang, meditations and of course have a Physical Journey process.

11. Choose Eco-friendly Home

Some of the choices that will allow you to be more carbon conscious are:

  • Rain harvesting – collect rain water and use it to flush toilets
  • Eco-friendly insulations made from recycled newspapers
  • Bamboo flooring – no trees felled in the process and just as attractive
  • Air dumping – transferring the warm air that comes through large glass windows to other parts of the house, and ultimately into a generator that generates electricity.
  • Under-floor heating to spread heat more efficiently than radiators
  • Eco-friendly cement
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Sustainable wood where needed (3 trees planted for each one felled)
  • Triple paned glass windows
  • Eco roof
  • The Green Bible is a wonderful book to use to make your home greener. And all the exhibitions taking place today all over Europe are really inspiring

12. Recycle Waste

Recycle everything. If you don’t absolutely love it, wear it or use it regularly, give it away to someone who will. Buy recycled paper products – toilet paper, kitchen roll, writing paper, printer paper. They only cost a few pennies more but you’ll feel so much better about using them.

Once a week we have a recycling collection. If you don’t have that service locally, then take it the local recycling centre (you may have noticed that often supermarkets have them in their car parks). Take the kids with you and make it a fun and educational experience for them. Kids enjoy contributing to Mother Earth and making a difference. It feels good!

Brandon Bays of her daily routineBrandon’s Daily Regime

Each day when at home, my daily routine starts with a 25-minute Aerobic workout on our indoor bike and cross trainer, followed by 3 minutes on my mini trampoline, which is great for kick starting and cleansing your lymph system – the drainage system of your body. I usually choose music that uplifts and inspires. I follow this short oxygenating routine with 3 minutes of stretching.

When the weather is fine, I go for a walk on the cliffs outside my home overlooking the sea, so I get that wonderfully sweet negatively ionised sea air purifying my lungs, and oxygen-rich blood coursing through my veins. When I have more time, I like to do yoga after my aerobic routine. And on holiday outdoor sports such as skiing, swimming and water skiing.

I follow my workout with a freshly blended vegetable smoothie made from cucumber, celery, dark green leaves, such as spinach, parsley, etc. lemon and ginger, apple and healthy super greens. I use a Vitamix blender, so all the ingredients’ fibres remains in the drink. I follow this with a small helping of organic berries and then mid-morning, to get my protein, I have an egg-white omelette (made from free-range eggs) and a side salad of avocado, peppers and green leaves. I include a big salad with all my meals.

Every day also includes meditation, chanting, prayer and hanging out in the company of fellow lovers of Truth.

Every week I get at least one or two massages to get my muscles opened up and my lymph system moving. I prefer deep tissue or sports massage to really work the muscles, but from time to time I include other body-work, such as Thai massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, acupressure, kinesiology, shiatsu.

Morning Smoothie – serves 2-3 people

-Vibrancy & goodness, first thing in the morning-
Here’s Brandon’s morning recipe for a cleansing, invigorating start to the day, using only fresh, organic ingredients!
1/2    peeled cucumber
1/2    lemon without rind
1     thumb fresh organic ginger (peeled) and/or turmeric root (if available)
1/2    stick celery
½    apple (peeled and cored)
1    good handful of raw spinach (or other greens)
1tsp    Chia seeds
1tsp    Ground Hemp seeds
1tsp    Super Greens

Blend and enjoy!

Let’s bring consciousness into every aspect of our lives – from our relationships, to our home environment; from our business; to the food we eat, from our loved ones, to our bodies, our beings, to life itself. Let’s bring it into our communication, our workout routine, and our spiritual life. Every breath we take and every action we make can be a conscious one that serves us, serves life, serves the environment and serves humanity. It’s time to start living consciously.

Please share in the comments box the conscious choices you have you made in your life.

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    Thank you and a few thoughts

    By Tidhar Shachar | September 11, 2015 at 7:28 pm


    Thank you for a very interesting and inspiring article!

    Would like to add a few thoughts regarding some of the issues, that inspire me and i try to live by…They are just my own thoughts, so as they say, take it or leave it…

    Live and let live- For me it feels sensible that as we try to grow and change we keep some tolerance for others not agreeing with us or not following our way. Take, for example,. vegeterianism, which is highly considerate towards animals. I feel that one danger in not eating meat is then going around telling others they are bad because of their meat eating. Perhaps telling others that that is the choice you made, which feels good and proper for you, but you respect their free choice in the matter, may be more promoting of a good human ecology. And perhaps even more effective in ringing a bell in others about the issue.

    This one was easy to me to mention as i used to be a vegeterian and i confess now i do eat meat occassionally…

    There must be thousands of other examples in various subjects.

    Be ready to consider different view points- I once had a fight with a friend as i killed some mosqitous and he said why are you killing animals when i am in the room? For me the stinging and buzzing was unbearable. There where a few of us playing cards. The little mosqituo debate ended up in some tension building up in the room. (But later on we remained good friends…)

    I later tried to think about his way of seeing things, and although i keep killing mosqitous and cockroaches, I decided to avoid killing spiders, which often get into my caravan. I simply go and fetch a small plastic box, put them in it, and carry them somewhere away in the near by bushes. I am very happy i picked this habbit up! I would do this with ants too had they not been so small and many…

    Taking some time to think of other view points does not neccessarily mean you have to change your way or agree with them. But it may enrich you with new possibilty- even a new habit you may very much enjoy.

    May add something later on…Meanwhile, thanks again for the article!


    While it is highly desirable to recycle materials that are considered to be recyclable, according to the founder of a major nationwide recycling business, the hard fact is that in New Zealand the contents of recycling bins are simply taken overseas and end up in landfills. The only difference between the recycling collection and the normal rubbish collection is the location of the landfill. So refusing excessive packaging, reusing materials in new ways and taking materials such as glass and metals to specific recycling places for those are far better than simply dumping everything into a ‘recycling’ bin.


    I am saddened by this – I know some countries do ship their waste to poorer countries to deal with it. But I hadn’t heard anything about nz. I’ll have to look this up – do you have any links for me? I do wonder though, if this is true, why they only collect numbers 1, 2 and 5 plastic in Hamilton while in Rotorua (and no doubt other places) they do them all. I’d been told this was due to the facilities being available in Rotorua but not in Hamilton… Unless you are talking specifically about ewaste or something?

    Eating healthy

    Just read your very inspiring article, would consciously try to have alkaline foods for a start and rest will follow

    Make conscious choices every day Mail

    By Katharina Pils | September 12, 2015 at 6:59 am

    Dear Brandon. I loved your mail about concious choices about how we treat ourselves, what food we eat, exercise etc. a lot. Still I would have loved if you took a ‘firmer’ approach about the consumption of animal products (the way you also said no to animal testing in cosmetics). No animal should have to suffer for our food. The only answer is a Vegan lifestyle. Cause no animal can be killed stressfree. They feel fear and pain just like we do..of course you know that. But I hope you can bring this message into the world. It feels so good to see animals a equal. Thank you Brandon. Namaste. Katharina

    Food habits

    Every one today is very conscious of violence and plant based food makes as peaceful and also more friendly. Choice is our what we create as food which gives our bodies super human qualities and peaceful thoughts.
    Practicing ahimsa in thought and action can make us healthy.

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