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How To Listen To Yourself And Discover What You Really Want

I’m guessing that I’m correct in saying that truthfully you long to listen to your heart? That’s why we want to share with you how you can listen to yourself with ease. Here are 2 steps to effortlessly get in touch with what your inner self wants to tell you.

Let go of frustration and get inspired

Sound difficult? It’s really not!

When you allow your mind to rest and become present in this moment, true inspiration becomes available from deep inside you.

Close your eyes, take a long deep breath in and release any tension with your out breath.

Take another breath and blow out any resistance or frustration, and yet another deep breath in and feel light scintillatation as you breathe out. Feel yourself opening into spaciousness and ask, “If Life had inspiring guidance to give, what might it say?”

Open your eyes softly and let these words flow onto a page or in a journal. What does Life want to write on that page?

Let EVERYTHING fall onto the page, however it comes out.

Your inner self is literally bubbling inside, waiting to express itself. Simply let it flow!

Listen to the sound of your own soul

When was the last time you distracted yourself with sounds, words or activities to avoid feeling or diffuse pain? Was it today?

Whatever your answer, stop now, open and listen to the sound of your own soul.

Take a few moments and let the sound Ohm reverberate throughout your whole body.

Relax. Take a deep breath in and sound it out – “Ohmmmmm”.

As you chant, you’ll be effortlessly carried into stillness as you follow the vibration back to its origin, to the place from which it emanates – source.

Open into yourself. Ohm invites you into the continuous emptiness that is all of existence.


Once you’ve tried these short exercises, share your experience in the comments below!

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