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How To Deal With Depression Regardless Your Age?


Bella had a form of dyslexia that made her life a living hell, resulting in depression when she was only 13 years old. After finding the Journey, her life completely turned around.

Forming friendships and studying was extremely hard and Bella always felt like an outsider. She felt constant anger and didn’t know what to do.

Bella’s life was difficult, trying to hold it together in school but internally falling apart due to constant bullying.

Eventually as her life seemed to crumble apart, she didn’t want to live anymore and felt that she just didn’t belong ‘here’.

Her mother had no idea how to help her daughter until she found the Journey. Bella started to feel loved, wanted and valued in the world.

Watch the video of Bella and her mother sharing their experience of the Journey. This is truly inspirational for anyone who has ever endured stress, anxiety or depression.

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