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Healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis After 20 Years of Pain and Taking 40 Pills a Week

Debbie Clarke suffered enormous pain when her body started attacking itself and developed the autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis.

After 20 years of suppressing her emotions and taking 40 pills a week she healed her life with Journey work and came to a place of deep trust and joy in life. Healing from rheumatoid arthritis is not a simple dream but a dream that can come true!

A few weeks before my 25th Birthday, I woke up with a weird sensation in my jaw.

Over the following days and weeks, my mouth would open less and less, until I could barely fit my finger between my top and bottom teeth.

My whole body began to ache, the joints swelled and pain and inflammation ran like wildfire throughout my body.

The inability to eat, more than one crumb at a time, caused significant weight loss and unimaginable pain and stiffness interrupted my sleep and made every movement challenging, requiring intense effort to even get out of bed in the morning.

My body became more rigid and limited with each passing day.

So began medical appointments and tests to find out what was wrong. Many doctors were bewildered and I felt huge confusion and immense concern. I finally ended up seeing a Rheumatologist who prescribed an anti- depressant as according to him the issue could be emotional or psychological. I was so angry and felt so dismissed and labelled as being crazy.

It’s only in the writing of this that I realize that the rheumatologist was actually right — the root cause of my pain was emotional. Except the last thing I needed was a pill to mask my emotions.

I needed a technique to help me listen to my body, feel emotions and release them for good.

photo-1441154283565-f88df169765aUnfortunately at that time I had no knowledge of the connection between the body and emotions and had only doctors to listen to and believe.

So I was prescribed tons of medication to control the disease that they named Rheumatoid Arthritis.
 It’s an autoimmune disease that meant my body was attacking itself.

My jaw joint required surgery as my cartilage had totally deteriorated. Both my knees and my shoulder required surgery to repair the damaged joints and improve movement.

I suppressed all my emotions

Who was I before this disease began wreaking havoc on my body?

I was a naive small town girl who had left her roots to move to the big city. I was employed as a Social Worker with the Social Services Department. It was a stressful job, dealing with the most vulnerable and troubled clientele in one of the roughest areas of the city. I saw and heard things that I never had been exposed to that were totally out of my comfort zone.

Rather than feel the fear, I became very efficient at my job. I met a man whose life I merged into, maintained a close relationship with my family and really just wanted to be happy and loved.

For 20 years I controlled and suppressed my emotions and worked hard at being efficient and controlling my environment as best I could. I tried my hardest to keep the peace and keep everyone happy. I took close to 40 pills a week and most importantly, I lived in deep denial.

I denied my pain, my body, my feelings, all the warning signs that came my way. I pushed myself to work every day and never admitted to anyone the severity of my disease.

Healing from rheumatoid arthritis became possible at Journey Intensive weekend

Healing from rheumatoid arthritis brings peaceFinally in my search for answers, I was divinely guided to The Journey. I attended a Journey Intensive Weekend and I immediately felt better. Those closest to me even noticed that I was in a “better place”.

That was the beginning of the literal journey to uncover long suppressed emotions, identify and release limiting beliefs and become aware of unhealthy patterns and dynamics.

As I began to let go and clear my old repressed patterns, my body immediately responded in a healthy way.
 The inflammation decreased, the body relaxed and the pain started to lessen.

As I was learning to communicate with my body and access my inner wisdom, my health started to improve. It’s as if what was happening on the inside was reflected on the outside – as it had always been. I just hadn’t recognised this connection between mind, body and spirit.

Having the tools to make conscious choices

Today I am 55 years old and life is a series of endless possibilities. I am almost medication free and anticipate being completely free in a fewHealing from rheumatoid arthritis - I did it! months.

I’m authentically happy and when something happens in life, I have the tools to face these situations in a healthy way. I’ve cleared out years of repressed emotions that were harming my body.

What’s most wonderful – I’m now able to experience all my emotions and clearly see my life dynamics and this has given me the choice to respond in a healthy way every time.

And the crippling pain that kept me suffering has finally taught me the lesson that I refused to learn for more than 20 years.

By Debbie Clarke

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