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healing from migraine

After one Journey Process Valerie Stillman found the root cause of her unbearable migraines that she had suffered from her whole life and was able to let go of it for good. One day she woke up free from the pain and since then has never had another migraine.

“For as long as I can remember I suffered from migraine headaches. From about the age of 15 or 16 years old I would get regular debilitating headaches that would sometimes last up to two or three days.

Around the age of 20 I found a medication that helped relieve the pain and I was so excited and thankful for that. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of relying on prescription medication to help me but it was a much-needed relief.

As life continued I became more and more frustrated with the fact that I had no real control over this plaguing issue. I began to see the triggers of the headaches but I also knew there had to be a deeper reason for the migraines. I knew that spending three days exerting myself at a high altitude or my monthly cycle wasn’t the only reason I was having these insane headaches.

One Journey process liberated years of suffering

So I finally approached an acquaintance that happened to be a Practitioner of The Journey and asked for help. I surrendered to the unknown… knowing if I could have “figured it out”, I would have done so by now.

So we sat down for probably an hour and a half together and did this process called The Journey. I was gently guided into my own body, accessing my own infinite body wisdom, to a place where I had unknowingly stored the block that was causing the migraines.”

Finding the root cause and healing from migraine

“In an instant, I was shown an old cellular memory that had created a fear so deep inside of me, which as life unfolded, played itself out as debilitating migraine headaches.
The Practitioner that I was working with led me through a process of deep and true forgiveness finally freeing me of this blocked cell pattern. I could not know the depth of the work done that day until months later.

I left my process that day in November 2006, feeling deeply at peace but not really sure if anything “happened”. Months passed…. my normal triggers happened….migraines did NOT.  All I can say is that since that day in November 2006, I have not experienced another migraine headache.

It is the miracle I hoped for my entire adult life. I still remain in deep gratitude for this healing, this freedom.

Perhaps if you’ve never had a migraine before you can’t truly know the immensity of what has happened to my life, Those that have watched me suffer, know and I can tell you, it’s nothing short of a miracle.”

By Valerie Stillman

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