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How To Heal Yourself By Listening To Your Body

listening your body

Often we override our body’s messages, instead listening to our constantly doubting mind talk. We’ve all had the experience of having a “gut-feeling” about something being right or not. But all too often we follow our “logical’’ mind and ignore what our body is trying to tell us. Not listening to our bodies might result in serious physical issues. How to avoid that?

First and foremost, we must realise that our suppressed emotions are all stored in our cell memories. And these “stores” are the ones causing pain and suffering, both emotional and physical. Here are some ideas from Brandon Bays on how to deal with this, how to listen to your body and gradually heal.

Start meditating and welcome your mind

An excellent way of focusing on yourself and starting to listen to your body is meditation. The time you take to be with yourself is irreplaceable.

But often when we try to meditate, our mind kicks in, thinking endless thoughts and seemingly distracting us from our meditation. What if you were to make this ok and fully welcomed your mind to be there… If you ask your mind to bring every thought you’ve ever had to the meditation and really welcome all of your mind. Notice what happens, what remains.

Remember that which we resist, persists!

listening your body - meditation

If you find your mind is straining, or efforting to focus, soften the tension or contraction in your brain. As a matter of fact, let your awareness become aware of any opening or closure going on in the mind.

If you let your awareness remain vast and open without any desire to change anything, the contraction or tension of mind will relax and open naturally . . . Just staying wide open, notice how mind feels as it relaxes and opens . . .

Now become aware of what the mind is appearing in…Become aware of awareness itself…What is body appearing in? . . . What are thoughts appearing in? . . . What are emotions arising in? . . . Be still and present to just this moment.

What is here?

If you are really just being here now, in this moment, with no thought other than awareness being riveted to this instant, you will become aware of a stillness inherent here…a vastness…a spaciousness. It’s always here. Freedom always is. Yet for so long we have put our awareness everywhere but here. Presence can only be experienced when all awareness is riveted in this moment when listening to your body.

Let your emotions be free

We are all emotional beings and it is difficult not to have any emotions at all. But way too often we tend to suppress our emotions. Starting from today, be willing to feel, let your fears fall away.

When you feel an emotion rising, welcome it. Let the feeling come flooding. Open and welcome all of it.

As you let the feeling grow stronger, ask yourself, what is underneath it? What is a bigger feeling behind it? Letting it grow stronger, ask yourself again, what is underneath that feeling.

When you meet and clear fully what’s driving your emotion, then you are free from it’s grip.

Deal with daily conflicts from love and compassion

In life conflicts arise, it`s natural in a world of over 7 billion people that we might on occasion have a disagreement or conflict of interest with another person. We must learn to solve those conflicts healthily, listening to what our bodies are saying.

Most of these conflicts are driven by a deep seated fear, which can be externally manifested as towering, overpowering anger, arrogance, bullying, the need to be ‘right’, spitefulness, malicious gossip, negative projection or biased portrayal of a group or situation or it can be internalized causing us to withdraw, become silent, avoid the situation and bury our heads in the sand.

The key to healthily dealing with conflicts is compassion, love, tolerance and forgiveness for yourself, and others.

If you find yourself in a situation where conflict is arising, take a moment, breath, listen to your body and ask how am I feeling in this moment, resist the impulse to simply react and get your point of view across.listening your body - love

Have compassion for the other person, put yourself in their shoes and ask how might they be feeling in this moment, remember that life is a reflection of your internal world. Take the time to be truthful and express how you are really feeling in that moment. Notice how this impacts the other person and yourself.

There is a great power in the simplicity of bringing all of your focus, attention, awareness to the present moment. Indeed, when all thought has fallen away and all attention has become riveted in the present, the presence of Grace, of Truth, is automatically, instantaneously revealed to be already here.

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    Thank you – I needed that. God Bless. Vivien

    How To Heal Yourself By Listening To Your Body

    By Paula O Sullivan | October 11, 2016 at 11:01 pm

    Thats really good. This article perfectly and wonderfully explains both the general aim of mindfulness and how it can be used to notice and transform suppressed internal turmoil. Absolutely convincing. Thank you so much 🙂 . Now just to keep going! Paula

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