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How To Finish With War Scars and Numbness

post war trauma

(VIDEO) Joe Doyle served in the United States Marine during Vietnam and many of his friends were killed in the war. Joe stuffed down his emotions for 40 years and lived numbed out – no negative or positive feelings, living daily with post war trauma. With the help of the Journey process, he worked through his issues around Vietnam and is finally free to live life fully.

Joe is a textbook example of how denying his emotions and his own self, created distance, numbness and disconnect from his life and his loved ones.

Even when an emotion rose and he inwardly knew it was the gateway to reconnecting with the ‘Self’ he still chose to avoid it. Through The Journey he allowed himself to feel again and regained the happiness in his life.

Emotions are the gateway to your soul. And suppressing your emotions keeps you from finding the freedom you are longing for. By “not feeling” you deny any possibility of opening into infinite.

The healthiest way to feel emotions during the post war trauma

You might think: “Ok, I need to feel the emotions. So, let me just sit here and be mad at someone for the whole day.”

There is a better way!

The best and simplest way is this 3-step method:

  1. Let your emotion rise.
  2. Feel the emotion.
  3. Let the emotion subside naturally.

No drama, story or deep analysis is needed. This way your emotions won’t get stored in the body, you will be finished with them fully.

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