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Who Else Want To Find Inner Peace And Heal the Relationship With The Father

Inner peace

Journey work has helped thousands of people finding inner peace and heal relationships with family members and loved ones. We’d like to share how Ayala from Israel using Journey work was able to overcome years of suffering and found joy and peace within.

“I have been writing this letter in my mind for quite a while… Dreaming of how I tell you the bliss that prevails in my life these days… and I was just procrastinating with all kind of excuses. Then on Friday, while walking through a storm and heavy rain I felt so happy, alive, joyful and feeling like I want to hug everybody, I was again thinking of you and wanting to share with you the goodness in my life these days’ and especially to thank you for making it possible to get this place.”

I have experienced an amazing inner peace

“In the recent months I have experienced an amazing and continuous peace, in spite of all events life provide for me personally and in our country… I have experienced it before, but is seems that now there is a critical mass that allows me to experience long life periods effortlessly and with a totally new emotion I never felt before -gratitude.

Gratitude to people, to the entire creation for all that goodness I experience, and even for  the unpleasant ones… I am happy in the rain and the storm as well as in a sunny sunshine full weather and blue sky. Surprisingly, even when there are periods of time less pleasant I can look around,  breathe, and know that my diamond is there glowing even if I do not feel like that at the very moment, and that really gives one a peace of mind.”

Suddenly I discovered the love for my father

“The bliss and gratitude feelings are so amazing, that I keep on checking it is really so. Wonderful things are happening in my life: After long years of anger and suffering I managed to establish a new connection with my father full of compassion, and suddenly I discovered the love I have for him.

I have a beneficial relationship with my brother and mainly – with the whole world. I dare dreaming and the dreams just come true!… I work with Journey work in several environments and the results are amazing.

Ayala found inner peace and healed her relationship with her fatherI hope I am good enough messenger

“And in all that goodness and bliss I feel a deep need to firstly thank you (I cannot forget your decision to allow me to attend the No Ego retreat) and of course to the amazing Brandon who created that process, and all  the Journey team for the amazing process of The Journey.

Thank you for the patience, for making it possible for me to attend those extraordinary seminars’ for the cheerful attitude, for the openness to the various needs, for believing in my diamond before I even believed it existed.

I hope I am a good  enough messenger to pass on that light of the diamond’ to remind every human being the goodness he is… and thus to bring better trust and peace to the world we live in.

Again, Thanks so much for everything!!

Happy Ayala (Tzurit) Garby”

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