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Little Known Ways To Get Unstuck In Your Life

Is everything in your life “fine, average, can’t really complain” – neither great nor bad, just OK? And do you have the feeling, deep down, that something is not quite right and you just can’t put your finger on what exactly is missing? Are you feeling stuck in life?

Recently one of our clients posted a question in the online community that struck a chord with many of you:

“I’m living in a constant comfort zone. It feels like every time I want to change something big in my life – my job, where I live, my relationships, my health and well-being, I hit a wall, feel stuck and never seem to achieve what I was feeling passionate about. How can I change this?”

Have you ever felt like this?

I call it “living in the grey zone”. Everything is sort of OK – not good, not bad, just fine. Yet…

Deep down there is no fulfillment and it constantly searching or feeling like something is missing, yet having no idea what ‘it’ is or what to do to attain ‘it’.

We are all too often conditioned to accept that feeling ‘fine’, not so great, unfulfilled is normal, it’s ‘just fine’, it’s life, and in the process, completely neglect our potential to fully shine in our lives.

This programming starts very early on in life and you learn to repress and shutdown your negative emotions in order to be accepted.

This results in ALL emotions being repressed – both negative and positive, which results in living life in this grey zone… Yes we are being ‘nice’, yes people accept us and as a result, we sacrifice our emotional, mental and even physical wellbeing.

Notice the silent saboteurs

Your first step to change this is by uncovering what Brandon calls your silent saboteurs.

These are your hidden, unaddressed, limiting beliefs, fears and internal programming that are holding you back from your true potential.

It’s as if one part of you is saying, “You can do this… you can lose weight this year, get that promotion, find a new relationship, start your new career”, and another deeper part of you is silently putting out the message, “No way… it’s not going to happen. Why even bother, you know you can’t”.

…and these opposite intents cancel each other out.

It’s like you have one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brake, and your life is in permanent ‘stall’ mode.

Resolve your memories

Your limiting beliefs are connected to deeply held ‘cell memories’ and the good news is, with The Journey it is possible to completely uproot and clear your unsupportive often destructive beliefs and limiting blocks.

Sometimes doing just one Journey process can clear out a whole series of behavioural patterns that are keeping you stuck and once cleared, you’re finished with them for good, they won’t return.

So imagine what can happen when you go all out and do one Journey process each week for a set period of time.
Making this conscious choice to finally resolve your past issues will lead to amazing expansion and abundance in all areas of your life, things you hardly dared dream of.

Now, you have only one really simple question to answer: is there anything in your life holding you back from shining as your true potential?

If the answer is yes, I invite you to learn what the Journey Coming Home can do for you.

We have put together a comprehensive programme where you’ll undergo at least one Journey process each month and clear out fundamental blocks holding you back in your life.

Because this healing process will challenge you and stir up emotions that you might need support facing, this programme comes with full LIVE support from our senior presenter.

She will guide you throughout the programme and really helps you through whatever challenges arise.

Click to learn more about the programme now →

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