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What Everybody Ought To Know About Emotions

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your emotions, unable to control your anger, hurt or sadness? Many people suppress their emotions just to feel peace, which can cause them to become sick. When you open into the core of your emotions, this is where you will find the peace you are seeking.

“Emotions are your greatest friends. They are the gateway to your soul.“ And yet, we suppress our emotions and create disease inside ourselves. How better to understand how your emotions can be healing and why you are suppressing them?

There are many misconceptions about emotions that we would like to clear up right now – the actual root cause of why we all create emotional blocks and suppress our emotions.

False notion: a peaceful life is only possible without emotions

When we think about emotions, often they are the negative seeming ones that create a storm in our lives and we blame our emotions for interfering with our inner peace. Often saying inwardly…

“Don’t get so emotional again!”

“Don’t you scream at me!”

And so on… We’ve all spoken aloud or internally these phrases and many others, and know in those moments we are not at peace. These seemingly ‘bad’ emotions limit our free and emotionless experience of grace. We don’t want that and so we suppress them instead.

And so we associated arising emotions as an invitation to step into a battle. We do anything – blame, denial, smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating, watching long hours of TV… All for one reason – to avoid feeling, to bury our emotions deep inside.

Remember, freedom comes from fully meeting your emotions, rather than avoiding or getting rid of them. How much freedom is there really when you overeat and then feel terrible later on and impose limitations on yourself not to eat that much again?

False notion: emotions should be transcended as they are the bad guys

In some cultures and traditions people are taught from generation to generation that feelingtrained for emotional blocks emotions is a bad thing.  It hinders your experience of divine. Some of us are trained from early childhood that we can become absolutely free if we become free from our emotions.

Some spiritual traditions have even gone as far as any time a ‘negative’ emotion rises, you have to repeat mantras to keep your attention on only ‘positives’. Some yogis meditate in caves for years, so that life can’ bring them emotions and they can remain ‘Spiritually free’.

The truth is, emotions are not responsible for imprisoning us in life, it’s the fighting of your emotions that creates imprisonment and a constant 24/7 battlefield 24/7 without  peace. So, instead of suppressing your emotions, you should try to uncover and face your emotional blocks.

False notion: there are „good“ and „bad“ emotions

If we were taught only one thing about emotions it was likely to label them ‘good’ or ‘bad’. From early childhood our parents told us to ‘dry our tears’ – and as children we got it: ’Crying is a bad emotion and not allowed’.

If we were scared, hurt or angry, we were told be strong, to stop crying, to literally bury our emotions. Or would look like a wimp unable to handle our life and totally weak.

So, as we grew up, we learnt to shut down our emotions to look ‘good’ in the eyes of the society, to fit in, be one of the herd. Even when alone, we perpetuate the internal pep-talk ‘you are strong, you are better than that, pull yourself together, are you a winner or a loser“… the list goes on!

We don’t allow ourselves to be weak. And having emotions equals weakness.


children learn to block emotions

What really happens when you develop emotional blocks?

For as long as we live, emotions are a natural part of being human. Fighting with your true self only drains your energy and life force and keeps you from experiencing joy.

Emotions are way bigger than we are, a battle against emotions is a battle already lost. When we constantly fight and the battle becomes too much, we become numb, even depressed. Then we start looking for help from the outside and get the drugs to block those feelings we didn’t quite manage to fight off.

Or we engage in pointless activities that do more harm than good to our bodies – drinking, gambling, eating…

In the worst cases, when your backlog of suppressed, unreleased emotions get too much, disease may occur. There are thousands of people using the Journey process to heal their lives. You can read some of the stories here by clicking on the links:

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What should you do?

Whatever you do, stop keeping your emotions at bay. Call off the fight today! Welcome every single emotion with open arms as they are the gateway to your soul.

Emotions are simply sensations in your body, some more pleasant, some uncomfortable. Just physical responses in your body which you can resist or allow.

When an emotion comes, follow these steps:

1) Welcome it, let it be free to rise.

2) Feel the emotion fully.

3) Don’t engage in any story about it (no drama).

4) Let it dissolve naturally.

In this way, emotions won’t stick anywhere or keep reoccurring

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