Emotional and physical healing to set yourself free

You Don’t Have To Be A Yogi To Live A Stress-Free Life


“How can I deal with stress in my everyday life?” Sounds as a quoestion you might ask? You may have tried meditation and other relaxation techniques. Those might have worked until something unexpected happened and stress took over once again. Here are 3 tips that can help you stay in a stress-free zone.

Be still and open in the face of emotional ups and downs

Realise that the current circumstance, challenge or problem you face is not the real cause of your emotional reaction.

Your feeling is probably related to something much older, to a ‘cell memory’ that you are still ‘hooked’ by and which remains unresolved.

Know that every emotion is a gateway to a priceless gift, and that if you open completely with that emotion, surrender totally into its heart, the precious gift will be revealed.

Take a moment for yourself and breathe deeply! As you might have noticed, in stress your breathing becomes more shallow. Working “against” that by breathing deeper gives you the first aid.

Resist any tendency to play the game of ‘victim, blame and defence’

Our tendency to collapse into ‘poor me’ stories just perpetuate our suffering. Our attempts to blame and ‘fix’ others are cover-ups, excuses for not looking truthfully at our own issues, and they keep us stuck in our own pain.

And our rigid barricades of protection against life isolate us and rob us of empathy and love.

Better to admit our own shortcomings and treat them with the compassion we would show to a small child who was hurting. Better to be truthful about our own weaknesses, and to love them to death.stress-free

Count your blessings

So often we focus on the negatives in life – what’s wrong, lacking or missing – that we overlook the ways in which we are already blessed. Gratitude draws grace.

So take some time each day to focus on and write down how life has gifted, showered and honoured you. Start with the small things. Let them flow, and if you are really honest you’ll be amazed at how life is already rich and bountiful, and how stress starts to dissolve naturally.

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