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Are You Searching For Freedom?

searching for freedomYou have been longing for freedom since you were born. You want to be free in your decisions, free in your life, free in the work you do… You want to FEEL FREE. Don’t you? Yet yearning for this type of freedom creates attachment to ideas, roles and concepts and keeps you from achieving true unbridled FREEDOM! How can you loosen the strings of attachment and really set yourself be free? If you have been searching for freedom, this is for you!

Often we become attached to something or someone because we feel that we won’t be complete without them. There is so much ‘unknown’ in our thoughts of being without them and a deep fear that we would feel lost, alone or even non-existent.

It seems normal for us to be attached to our loved ones, committed to the job we do, cherishing the things we have earned through hard work, nurturing the knowledge we have attained over the years. And difficult to recognise how these things keep us from true freedom?

Searching for freedom – know that everything is on loan

What if you lost all your possessions as Brandon did when her house burnt down? How would you feel? Would you feel empty and scared of the future?

What if you knew that everything in there was on loan from Grace, something bigger than you? Your soul can’t possess material things.

Start taking a moment each day to count your blessings. To be thankful for thosecloud-600224_640 things that you’re blessed to take care of, that have been loaned to you by Grace. Each day offer Grace all that is dear to you and each new day, feel how much gratitude has grown inside you that you have yet another day with all that´s dear to you.

Brandon described her realisation that everything is on loan as:

“Everything around me began to feel special. Everything seemed imbued with a light, scintillating quality. I became aware of the ephemeral nature of all things in life – how short a time we really have on this planet, and how lucky we are to have the bountiful blessings we are surrounded with.”

Of course, the natural experience of grieving, loss, hurt and letting go still takes place. But when you can feel whole without possessions, you will start to feel true freedom.

Searching for freedom – become detached from your thoughts

A perhaps more powerful form of attachment is attachment to our thoughts, our knowledge and learned beliefs. Throughout our lives we gather experiences that build our view of the world and what we believe to be true.

When we give permission to ourselves to view the world exactly as we have learnt, we stop investigating life. With the knowledge of how things are, we no longer need to open freshly in life. Instead we hide behind our knowledge and lose our receptivity to everything.

There is so much “dead wood” in our minds that often we stop questioning the truth of our reality. This is when our beliefs and thoughts become a prison, keeping us from experiencing freedom and truth in the present moment.
girl-162474_640Our attachment to this outdated “information” in our minds keeps us from fully experiencing life. We see everything through the filters of our beliefs and while life repeatedly renews itself, we stay in the “good old” that seems secure and comfortable.

Freedom becomes available when you cast off everything that you think is true, all that you know. When you let go of your ‘knowing’, your infinite wisdom can reveal itself. The freshness of the unknown wakes you up and shows you how much freedom you can have in your life.

Searching for freedom – empty your cup

If you take a cup full of water and continue pouring water into it, it will start overflowing. Similarly with your mind – full of ideas, concepts, knowledge and learned wisdom. So full that there is no space for your internal wisdom and fresh views on life.

Freedom can only be truly experienced in the emptiness of non-attachment. Non-attachment to everything in your head, born from past experiences. You have to choose to let go of all you think you know. Only then can the filters drop away and truth be revealed.

Remain wide open and allow everything to come through your open awareness while remaining aware of the vaster context in which it all is appearing. In this way you are neither invested in your outer material world, nor collapsed into your inner mental constructs. All is free to come effortlessly – no clinging, no grasping, no attachment. Just freedom and enlightened presence.

An exercise in non-attachment

Give yourself some time. Let the following happen naturally. Remember it’s all a process of self-discovery.

Begin by allowing your awareness to become spacious in balance-110850_640front… vast and open behind… infinite to all sides… boundless below… and endless above… inside… outside… everywhere.

Resting in all spaciousness, you can begin asking yourself these questions. And if you are reading this, once you’ve read the question, close your eyes and feel yourself opening to receive the response internally, from the body. At first, words might arise, but as you continue to inquire, you might feel yourself falling into a vast boundless presence where thoughts and words are absent. Experience it however it comes.

  1. If all the outer things you have identified yourself in the past (your material goods, family, lifestyle…) were taken away? What would remain?… Who would remain?… Who are you?
  2. If you did not have all your beliefs, ideas and learned knowledge, if all that fell away, what would remain?… Who are you?
  3. If you could not give yourself any role or job, home, relationships, who would you be?… What would remain?… Who are you?
  4. Without all the labels that identify you, would there be anyone there? Who would you be?
  5. If all labels dropped away and you sincerely asked “Who am I?”, what would arise?… Who are you really?… What remains?… Who are you?

Just rest in this presence of your own essence.

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    By Mrs. Susan Williams | October 28, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    I would like to be informed of any uk workshops in the Journey method please.

    kind regards

    Susan Williams

    Journey Intensive workshops around the world

    Hi, Susan!

    Thank you very much for your question. Here is the link where you can find all the relevant information about the Journey Intensive workshops: http://bit.ly/2aO2rjt

    Have a happy journey!
    The Journey team

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