Emotional and physical healing to set yourself free

making decisions

We have more possibilities around us than ever before. We have more options for a good read, for a great workplace, for an astonishing living place, for relaxation… But we face a problem – will we make the right decision when choosing between all? This blog post will end your doubt once and for all.

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“How can I deal with stress in my everyday life?” Sounds as a quoestion you might ask? You may have tried meditation and other relaxation techniques. Those might have worked until something unexpected happened and stress took over once again. Here are 3 tips that can help you stay in a stress-free zone.

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good parent

When we think about being a good parent we have a tendancy to focus on changing the child’s behaviour because as adults and we know best, right? Wrong! Research has shown that becoming a better parent requires focus on developing ourselves first. And this applies not only to parenting but all relationships – change starts with you.

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