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How To Beat Tumour Naturally And Get Pregnant?

After Amy Barnes’ left ovary was removed she was told that she would never be able to get pregnant. She used the Journey work to work through her issues and believes that this played an important part in helping her to get pregnant with her first child. Amy has now delivered her second miracle kid and is sharing her story with us.

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Surviving Breast Cancer and Countless Other Diseases and Turning My Whole Life Around

Jean was living with breast cancer, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, severe migraines, allergies so bad she could vomit any moment, a back so wracked with pain she could hardly walk, a brain tumor, spinal cord tumor, a diagnosis of depression, disassociate disorder and post traumatic stress disorder.

After doing Journey Work she has her health back, has more energy than she has had in a very long time and no longer needs to use prescription medication.

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Brandon leads you slowly, gently and benignly down through the layers of your emotions. This short and hugely liberating process enables you to get real and present and drop any ‘armour’ you’re unconsciously carrying. It’s a great preparation for all Journey processes whether you have anxiety, fear, disappointment or other emotions repressed.

Length: 11:49

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How to Start Off 2016

Have you ever written down New Year`s resolutions with a clear intention that this year you will stick to them, but end up shoving them into a drawer only to discover them a year later when you decided to have ‘clear-out’?

Perhaps some of your New Year`s resolutions actually manifested but the vast majority did not. Have you ever wondered why your exciting vision or prayers fell into obscurity even though you felt so passionate, so committed when you wrote them?

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