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5 Steps For Finding Inner Peace When You Are Really Busy

inner peace

Our hectic Western society has spread around the globe. We now work long hours, constantly planning and trying to control everything in our lives. Having lost our inner peace, we compare ourselves to others, we envy them as they have seemingly happier lives. The reality is, they are exactly the same as you – working long hours and wishing for more. What brings success? Your inner self has the answer – take action now and discover how. 

1. Manage stress

Everyone has ups and downs in life. Take time to reflect on your current circumstance and recognise that is not the real cause of your emotions. Your emotions are likely related to a much older issues which have remained unaddressed and unresolved. These are present in your cells but you can uncover and solve those for good.

We all  have a tendency to play the “poor-me” card and the “it’s not my fault” blame story to prolong and perpetuate our suffering, instead of looking truthfully at our own issues. It is not easy but by admitting to our own shortcomings and making peace with them all healing is available.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, count your blessings and take time every day to focus on even the smallest things in your life. Start a gratitude journal and record your daily blessings.

2. Practice saying ‘No’ for greater inner peace

Saying yes to everything creates overwhelm sooner or later. Resist the notion of ‘missing out’ and trust that life will always bring new opportunities. When one door closes, another one opens.

  • What are your feelings when you say yes?
  • What does it give you?
  • Why do you say?Pildiotsingu no tulemus
  • Why should you say yes to every opportunity?
  • How does it feel having to say yes?

Write everything down and look at the list  – how does itmake you feel? Stressed or liberated to do whatever your heart wishes for?

Now, repeat the exercise only this time if you were to say no.

Compare the two lists and highlight the strongest feeling. Let this be your starting point for a Journey process to uncover the root cause of what’s driving your behavior.

3. Trust your choices

Welcome your doubting mind, thank it for the job it has done in keeping you safe. Let your mind know that it can take a break now.

Pay attention to your body while speaking aloud the decision you wish to make.

  • How does your body respond?
  • Do you feel relaxed and opened or do you notice any contraction, any resistance?

Remember your body never lies.

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4. Uncover your silent saboteurs and live as your true potential

We all have silent saboteurs inside that seem to stop us in our tracks just as we start achieving our potential.

Have you ever had a feeling of enthusiasm and suddenly hit a wall? Like having a huge wave of positivity inside carrying you towards your goal telling you “You can do this!”

And then suddenly a second wave of negativity hits telling you that you can’t make this happen. Effectively, these two waves cancel each other out and leave you feeling blocked, stuck, deflated, uninspired.

We often inherit our unhealthy, limiting and disempowering beliefs about our potential from the people and culture around us. These beliefs give fuel to your silent saboteurs.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others

We tend to compare ourselves with others and feel envious that they ‘appear’ to be doing better that us. Yet how can you ever truly know someone else’s situation – indeed they may be thinking the same about you.

Instead, look around and notice what you have to be grateful for. Start with the roof over your head to the gift of being able to breathe in fresh air. Not everyone can.

If you have a judging mind that constantly compares yourself with others, have compassion. Recognise your mind is driven by fear, doubt and judgement in an effort to keep you safe. So, rather than push it away, embrace it, remember that which you resist, will persist!

Take some time for yourself, sit in a quiet place.

Close your eyes and welcome all thoughts however random. Thank your mind for doing a wonderful job keeping you protected and let it know it is allowed to rest now.

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