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5 Actionable Steps To Get Over From Being Stuck And Living Your Potential

being stuck - vastness

Do you feel that you are being stuck? You are pushing and pushing but reaching nowhere? Have you felt you need to take some time off? Here are 5 lessons and actionable steps from life itself that help you reach to spacious awareness and peace. Try these short exercises and you’ll be amazed how “being stuck” becomes the past.

1. Life challenges help us grow

This year will be no different – you will be challenged. Life offers us challenges so we can expand our abilities, stretch our horizons and strengthen in ourselves.

If you’re facing challenges, know that the solution is already here. Close your eyes and imagine receiving three balloons filled with empowering internal resources: trust, wisdom and clarity. Breathe those in and let them suffuse your whole being.

Now imagine how you’ll feel one year from now, as these qualities are part of your daily life. Look back over the past year and see how effortlessly everything got solved and figured out. From the certainty that the challenge has already been handled comes true inspiration.

Start from this certainty.

2. Give yourself a break – laughbeing stuck - laugh

Have you been taking your life too seriously? When was the last time you laughed? Or maybe you think you have lost your sense of humour? How does this monkey make you feel?

Give yourself a break and lighten up. Bring lightheartedness into your day consciously. Let Grace handle your difficulties.

Start by listening to children’s laughter. Be childlike and get physically active in a fun way. Be silly. Play.

Then notice that laughter is everywhere around you. Feel how fabulous it makes you feel. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

3. Rest deeply

Want to arise fully rested?

Grace invites you to rest – your body and your being. So as you prepare to go to sleep, choose to read words born from silence, listen to a calming meditation or music that carries you to stillness. Before you drop off, consciously release the stress of the day.

Take a long deep breath in and breathe out any stress. Take another deep breath and release the tension in your body. Take another slow breath and let go of any questions. Become aware of the stillness. Feel yourself relaxing into spaciousness as you fall asleep in the deeply healing presence of stillness.

4. Let the mystery stay in your lifebeing stuck

Have you felt the need to know lately? Have you spent time trying to figure out the mysteries of life?

It’s time to give up the need to know.  Asking “why” only lead you deeper into mind talk. If your thinking mind could have figured things out, it would have done so long ago.

Just take a big Mystery Bucket and throw all your questions there. “Why did someone I love behave that way?” Don’t know, throw it in the bucket. “Why do I feel the way I feel?” Don’t know, throw it in the bucket.

Life is a mystery, unknowable and divine. Rest in this mystery and know that you are taken care of.

5. Be opened to true inspiration

Have you ever got great ideas under shower, in the bathroom or just before falling asleep? When you allow your mind to rest, your being to become present to this moment, true inspiration becomes available.

Take a few moments by yourself, close your eyes, take a long deep breath in, and release any bodily tension with the out breath. Take another deep breath in and blow out any resistance or frustration. Feel yourself opening to vastness and ask: “If Grace had inspiring guidance to give, what might it say?”

Open your eyes softly and let words flow onto a page or journal. If Grace wanted to communicate through you, what might be written? Let whatever pours out, not matter how it comes out, be written. Your inner being is full of inspiration, waiting for expression. Just let it flow.

After trying these exercises, please share with us in the comments, how do you feel? What did you discover?

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