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4 Incredible Real-Life Stories: Healing Through Memories

cancer survivors

(VIDEO) Indian American mind-body healing guru Dr Deepak Chopra has thoroughly explained that our cells are storing old memories. These memories can create diseases, including cancer, in the cells and therefore in the body. The Journey process helps to release those memories and enable healing. Four cancer survivors share how The Journey helped on the way of their healing.

Our cells memorise everything even generationally and before a cell dies, it passes its memory and any disease onto the next cell being born. Dr Deepak Chopra proposed that it is possible to interfere with the cells “programming”, releasing the stored memories, and allowing the possibility for healing to occur.

How to uncover cell memories to heal from diseases?

To uncover the cell memories, you need to get in touch with the same part of you that has created the “programming” – your inner wisdom. Dr Chopra says that people who are able to get in touch with their inner wisdom or infinite intelligence, are successful survivors of illness and disease.

We all get access to our inner wisdom differently, some spontaneously, some by choice. The following people used the Journey process to tap into their inner wisdom. Definitely worth to watch.

The real-life stories of cancer survivors

One, a psychiatrist, says: “Once you can tap into your emotions, really connect with them and empty them out…this is when healing takes place.”

Another talks about her complete surrender to the peace within herself: “This is what The Journey has given me – the ability to reconnect to my inner peace. And that’s all you really need.”


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