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3 Easy Steps To Experience More Bliss In Your Life

Bliss and freedom

People who have healed from serious illnesses often recount they were touched by grace or experienced moments of bliss. But what does that really mean and how can you experience it in your life?

Bliss is the ultimate feeling of overwhelming joy, pure gratitude and reverence for the magnificence of everything around you. It is a natural expression that is available when you are FULLY in the present moment.

When you are not comparing this moment to previous ones. When you have no expectations of something more in this moment. It is simply perfect enough. You are at peace with how things are. This is bliss.

Grace and bliss are not something to be chased, yet are definitely something you can experience every day.

Way too often we project our thoughts, into the future or to the past. It is very rare to be just in the now. Yet we’ve all had moments when we experienced this grace, when we were in the present moment.

Bliss is in the present moment

When you experience something extraordinary when grace is present, you may get goose bumps as bliss moves through. You feel fully alive, fresh and full of gratitude.

But, if you try to recapture that feeling, you may imagine the pictures of what took place or feel the emotions associated with that moment, you are unable to feel that same bliss.

Bliss can’t come from the past or the future, only from the present, from this moment.

Every moment can be blissful

Stop trying to re-experience your previous blissful moments and waiting for grace and reverence to show up. It simply won’t happen when you compare your past experiences to what’s going on now.

Every moment can be blissful when you pay attention to the magnificence showing up right here, right now, regardless of the form it takes.

Leave all expectations, all comparisons out of the picture. Bring all your awareness to the now. Be innocently in the moment.

STEP 1 – Honour material things in your life

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Are there any parts of your life that you are taking for granted? Or areas you are neglecting?

If you answered “yes”, then it’s probably more difficult for you to feel bliss and reverence towards it.

Focus on all the material things in your life: clothes, dishes, presents, books, furnitures… Everything in your home.

If you have things you don’t use and no plans to use them in the future then it’s time to let them go. Someone else will make  better use of them.

Clean out every storeroom, cupboard, shelf, desk, storage room… Leave only what you truly love and use often. If you’re not sure about something, let it go.

Once the clutter is gone, you can fully honour the things remaining. Do any of those need attention, to shine like new or be fixed? Is there ironing or cleaning to be done? Literally spring clean your life.

STEP 2 – Treat yourself well

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After going through your material things, turn the attention on your and ask how can you treat yourself better:

  1.    How can you eat better?
  2.    How can you find time to exercise? And what kind of exercise would you like?
  3.    How much time can you give yourself to meditate or be still?
  4.    How much time in a week can you give yourself to learn something new?
  5.    How well do you dress?
  6.    Do you treat yourself to fun things?

STEP 3 – Honour your relationships

Lastly, when all the cleaning and upgrading has been done in your personal life, do the same with your relationships to become happier and welcome even more blissful moments in your life.

Let go of any negative relationships in your life and cherish the ones that flourish you and have a positive influence on your life.

Do something to honour your relationships. Pildiotsingu happy friends old tulemus

List all the qualities you admire in others. Ask them out for a coffee and a chat. CHOOSE to honour your relationships.

When you realise how sacred your life and relationships are, you will become more humbled, in awe and flooded with gratitude. This is grace. This is bliss.

And the beauty of it is that it is available to you in every moment. You simply have to choose to stop, be present and experience it.

Do something to honour your relations.

You can list down all the qualities you admire in others. You can ask them out for a coffee and a nice chat. Just CHOOSE to honour your relationships.

When you realise how sacred your life and relationships are, you start becoming more humble, awed and will be left with flooding gratitude. This is grace. This is bliss.

And the beauty of it is that it is all available for you in every moment. You just have to choose to feel it.

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