Emotional and physical healing to set yourself free


Every day we’re receiving exciting stories from people who have gone through their own healing journeys. We believe there are many more amazing stories to tell. So we open a conversation by sharing 7 inspiring stories that have touched us. 

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being stuck - vastness

Do you feel that you are being stuck? You are pushing and pushing but reaching nowhere? Have you felt you need to take some time off? Here are 5 lessons and actionable steps from life itself that help you reach to spacious awareness and peace. Try these short exercises and you’ll be amazed how “being stuck” becomes the past.

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year 2017

Year 2017 – the year of the Rooster! This year’s keywords include: hard work, confidence, talent and courage. How not to get lost in the middle of all this? Here are 13 Big Ideas that will help you on this way. This is no ordinary list. This is the first part of  something for your wholesome you.

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